Wedding in Jamaica

Your wedding is one of the most important days of your life. Naturally, you want to make it memorable but what if you can’t afford to spend tens of thousands of dollars? You get married in Jamaica, of course! Weddings in Jamaica are romantic, exotic, and just plain beautiful.

Jamaica can provide the perfect surroundings to finalize your commitment to each other–beautiful beaches, breathtaking mountain views, and romantic lagoons and waterfalls as well as rivers to raft. Plus, Jamaica has a wide variety of accommodations ranging from bed and breakfasts to all inclusive resorts that are priced to fit any budget.

Less than a two hour flight from Miami, Jamaica is an ideal destination for a wedding you’ll never forget. It’s an exotic tropical paradise, yet most of the locals speak English. You’ll find the people extremely polite and considerate, for that is their way of life. In fact, if you are approached by a street salesman you’re expected to politely decline rather than ignore him or her. They will immediately extend you the same consideration and leave. Elders are called “sir” or “ma’am” and those in the service industry will make you feel like royalty.

You can bring your own clergy if you wish or choose from the many who specialize in marrying visitors to the island. It is advisable to choose flowers and other decorations around the same time you decide which chapel, beach, or mountain you’d like the ceremony held. You can take care of all the details yourself to customize your wedding or take advantage of one of the many all-inclusive packages that are available.

Ideally, your wedding guests can stay at least a few days and be able to enjoy all the activities Jamaica has to offer. There are water sports, zip lines, river rafting, snorkeling along the lovely coral reefs, and much more to entertain them. Shopping can be done in modern malls or in small village shops where all types of imaginable good can be found as well as native products made by hand. You and your guests can enjoy elegant restaurants, casual dining, street cafes, or you can buy from local vendors as you stroll the streets.

What could be more romantic than to say your vows on a white sand beach with crystal clear blue water stretching to the horizon, your hair ruffled gently by a warm tropical breeze? Perhaps your ideal is to be married in the rainforest with the chatter of parrots and cockatoos amid the indescribably beautiful plants and flowers. A giant Swallowtail butterfly might even alight on your shoulder. Being wed beside a roaring waterfall might be your preference or you may even want to be more traditional and be married in one of the elegant old churches that make themselves available for ceremonies.

However you prefer to start your lives together, weddings in Jamaica can make dreams come true. You’ll not find a friendlier or more beautiful place to get married than Jamaica!

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